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Choosing a trusted contact can protect you

February 07, 2022

As you know, in the financial industry we take privacy and identity verification very seriously, in an effort to best protect clients and their assets. In recent years, we’ve begun adding what’s called a “trusted contact person” to account information as a back-up for clients in case we suspect attempted fraud, exploitation or other risks that may affect your accounts and investments.

When you designate a trusted contact, you’re giving us permission to reach out to that person if we see signs of questionable activity or direction on your accounts, or if we’re unable to reach you directly for confirmation. A trusted contact person is not able to transact business, request trades or move money on your behalf, but they can help prevent or limit risks by verifying your wishes, helping us to connect with other professionals on your advice team (like your CPA or estate attorney), and letting us know if you’ve become sick or incapacitated. Assigning a trusted account person helps us to react quickly to protect your assets in case we believe they’re at risk from scammers or anyone else who may not have your best interests at heart.

If you’re interested in designating a trusted contact person for your accounts, let us know or click here to fill out the Trusted Contact form. We’re happy to put that information on file and continue to help preserve your assets, plans and financial future. As always, we’re here to help so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.